Dr Jouko Huju DBA 

+358 40 5509310


My core skills are; association management and development (in particular trade associations and international associations), export promomotion, advocacy (lobbying), communication and international trade.

In terms of years my longest employment (1996-2018) was at the Finnish Marine Industries Federation Finnboat.  For the main part I was the CEO and for the last two years I had the responsibilities of Chairman of the Board.  In addition to the overall management of the association I looked after e.g.; promotion of domestic boating, promotion of exports, international relations, lobbying, technical/environmental development, training and boat exhibitions.

During that time, I was also heavily involved in the international cooperation of the boating industry.  I was board member of the International Council of Marine Industry Associations (ICOMIA) for 14 years.  Out of that time 4 years as President.   In general, the priorities were much the same as in Finland, but the problems and challenges covered 38 member countries.  In addition, I was actively involved in the establishment of European Boating Industry (EBI) in 2009 and subsequently three years on its board of directors.  I also served 20 years in the board of IMCI (International Marine Certification Institute) based in Brussels. It is a CE-certification body for leisure craft.  I was also chairman for the boat industry's government funded research programme between 2008 and 2011.  I would further like to mention the chairmanship of a body called KV-Foorum, which was founded on the initiative of Finnboat, and chaired by me 2008-2014.  Its main task was to maintain a constructive dialogue between the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the various organisations doing export promotion in Finland.

My expertise in event planning and marketing and international marketing communications was mainly gained in the years 1991-1995. First as managing director of USP Worldnet Oy (international marketing communications agency) and then Arvelin International Oy as Senior Vice President International. 
An important stage in learning the international trade promotion tricks was my work at the Finnish Foreign Trade Association (1983-1990).  The areas of responsibility ranged from the promotion of exports of mining machinery, agricultural machinery and port technology to the responsiblities of liason officer of the Finnish Commercial Secretaries in Western Europe.  Further I was responsible for massive communication programs for the Finnish industry in Germany, France and Spain.

My career started with fairly traditional export sales company called Farmer Oy (1978-1983).  Farmer Oy was a joint export company for agricultural and forestry machinery. 

Since I have always believed in both work-based-learning and lifelong-learning, I also complemented my own business studies from the 70’s in the years 2004-2010 by completing an English MBA program and  straight after that also a DrBA program. After 6 years of studying alongside work I wrote my thesis on: "Navigating New routes to Lobbying in Brussels – A Research on European Boating Industry".

I have travelled the world for about 40 years.  I carry out my work fluently in Finnish, Swedish, English and German.  After five years of studying I get along also with my tourist French.  I also started with Spanish just in 2018.